Where is she?

The first pic below is Ray’s typical position soon after Carol has gone somewhere; if the neighbor’s car moves (we share a driveway); if somebody uses our driveway to turn around, or any other event which Ray feels that he needs to monitor!

Where there is a lull in driveway activity, and especially if Carol has been gone for quite a long time, I get to see this!

He’s not always happy with events around here… but he is always interesting!

18 thoughts on “Where is she?

  1. Having been gone for several days lately myself tending to some family issues, I’ve been told the dogs wait by the door for my return for long stretches and monitor the street scene as well. Something about us mom’s I guess that is especially appealing to our fur-kids. πŸ™‚

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  2. OH his face on the 2nd picture I just had to laugh at! It reminded me of when we put one of our toddlers in time out. They are not happy and in this picture Ray is clearly not happy as well, but he looks so cute!

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    • Hi Tina – I believe you are new here so…… welcome to my Blog! As you can clearly relate to dogs, please feel free to have a look around the Dog Stories category and Comment as you wish. I have a lovely group of Followers who all seem to get on very well with each other here so I’m sure you will fit right in! The next time you have some free time, please drop by; kick your shoes off; chill out and hopefully you will find some interesting reads! πŸ™‚


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