The Stranger in the Home!

Yesterday was the day that the Bell technician was going to spend a few hours here changing our internet and tv service to something which is more reasonable for our habits with the technology!

We had a couple of concerns, with the secondary one being how the work was  going to be done with new wires needed into the house, and whether the various devices used to communicate over the internet were going to “cooperate”!

Our primary concern was Ray! Based presumably on his earlier life, which can only be speculated upon, he used to be very “demonstrative” with strangers. Over the years he has become much more accepting when meeting people while out on his walks, but on his territory? Both German Shepherds and Rottweilers appear to be known for the extended time that it takes them to develop a comfort level with anybody… and Ray is a mix of both breeds. To complicate matters further, the interactions with Ray were going to take place in “his” home! An excellent chance for territorial issues!

So… how did things go?

Our secondary concerns were unfounded. After spending a few hours outside installing and testing, the technician was inside for probably two hours bringing wiring into the home. Everything else was “wireless” so it just meant re configuring our various devices for the new services.

Our primary concern provided no surprises!  He was leashed as soon as the technician arrived and gave the man a few deep “go away” woofs!  One of us had to be with Ray at all times because the poor technician needed access to most of the house, and was therefore constantly going back and forth, upstairs and downstairs, and in and out!

Ray did not behave particularly well, but he did behave as we had expected. There were constant “woofs!” during the whole time that the man was here! He was distracted periodically with food, but they were literally short term distractions with Ray, and we did not want him constantly eating for hours!

“All’s well that ends well.”  The technician was prepared in advance for Ray’s expected behavior and did not seem to have any issues. Once he had gone, we had a quick dinner and then took Ray out so that he could start getting his world back to normal.

Today? He is the Ray we love dearly!

21 thoughts on “The Stranger in the Home!

  1. I think the technician felt well because he knew you take care of Ray and it was great that you did not “put Ray aside” which would have told him that the technician has more rights in his territory. So all was well indeed!

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  2. I am glad you had an understanding and considerate technician. It was Ray’s home after all. Glad things are back to normal today. Maggie will bark at whoever comes to the door and inside, until we tell her they are ‘allowed’. Instant roll over on back tickle my tummy and I’m yours pose. In the cottage, we used to keep her behind the closed door in the lounge to strangers, as her bark is so much more intimidating than her size (and character!)

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