Ray- Garden Supervisor?

We have a number of significant projects planned for this year, many of which are simply related to an “older” home and an equally “older” lot that it “sits” on!

A few days ago we had a load of topsoil delivered which was going to form the base for a new lawn. Ray was generally understanding as he was somewhat restrained while I was spreading and leveling. It was then lightly rolled, after which Ray had the freedom of the garden once again. I was rather surprised that he did not do any digging but he seemed rather disinterested in general.

Yesterday the sod/grass was delivered, and he was rather more interested. I had laid one roll, and that was where Ray decided to chill. Most of him fitted rather well on that one piece of sod, but his tail was an issue.

When I was laying the second piece, I had to decide whether to let it go over the top of his tail (he might not be too impressed); ask him to move (where is he likely to go?), or just lift his tail with one hand and lay the sod with the other. The latter was my choice… and Ray just watched me work around his tail obstruction!

The company that delivered the sod gave us a complimentary bag of fertilizer to help it all settle in to its new location, which was a nice gesture. Reading the instructions on the bag, there was no indication that it was pet friendly so Ray was once again restrained .

After that comes the constant watering for a few days which, again with the fertilizer slowly breaking down, rather dictates that we have total control over Ray when he is out there. We are fully expecting that, for the next few days, Ray will be happy to supervise the various spin-off jobs that re-sodding a lawn can create, but there is no doubt in my mind that he will be bouncing around on the new grass as soon as we let him!

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