Ray – Supervisor (Conclusion)!

My estimate of the rolls of grass required for the back garden was based on measuring, plus an allowance for wastage due to the irregular shape of the area involved. The end result was 5 rolls left over, plus a few good size off cuts… hence an unplanned project yesterday!

Between our sidewalk and the road curb is a 20″ wide strip of grass which was certainly past its prime! The 5 rolls would almost do it so, with Ray supervising from a strategic position, we replaced all the grass. For the approximate 4ft that we were short, we managed to create a pattern out of some bricks that were leftover from earlier projects. We now have a place to stand our garbage bags/ bins when pickup is scheduled!

As you can see, Ray was taking his job very seriously – looking up the street…

… and looking down the street…

Of course we, the workers, were out in full sun while he, the supervisor, found a nice shaded spot! Given that he lives here for free, I would say that he has a pretty good “deal”!

20 thoughts on “Ray – Supervisor (Conclusion)!

    • Hi Monika. It’s nice to be able to tether Ray to somewhere appropriate and know that he will settle down very happily and just watch us doing whatever. The concern (out front) is that he and some stranger don’t see each other until it is too late! Then the deep woofing starts! 🙂

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    • Hi Jill. We took up our front lawn 2 years ago and planted shrubs etc. We put a lot of tulips and daffs in and they really put on a show for us this Spring… and our local squirrels left them alone which was nice! 🙂

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