An alien?

The past week or two have been extremely hot and humid! It has been uncomfortable just wearing light clothes, but I cannot imagine what it must be like in a thick fur double coat! Needless to say, Ray is very happy to chill inside in an air-conditioned environment! He does still need some exercise however so we have been taking him out around 8:00 – 9:00pm (when the weather is significantly more amiable). His walks have also been shorter.

The other evening, Ray showed a distinct inclination to go downtown and, as the conditions were particularly nice, we let him lead the way. Of course he has no concept of time and business hours, so we smiled to ourselves as he was obviously heading for Lululemon and, at after 9:00pm, we knew there would be no biscuits for Ray!

As we got closer to the store, we noticed that all the interior lights were on… and then we noticed lots of empty boxes and other packaging materials stacked near the door.Β  The lights were obviously on for the cleaning crew!

Ray has no idea what a cleaning crew is, or why they would be in the Lululemon store, but he does know thatΒ  he always got treats from that store regardless of his visiting time (he is one very lucky dog!). This time did seem to confuse him though as he walked back and forth, looking in the window and no doubt hoping to see somebody. We suddenly realized that he was very focused on something, and seemed to be having difficulty keeping it in sight! Then we saw it!

It came into sight as it worked its way around some obstacles and came very close to the window. It then changed direction and wandered over to near a wall, and in full view of Ray. He really had no idea how to respond to it! It was one of those robot vacuum cleaners! It looked like a little flying saucer and randomly wandered around the store doing its job! It did not take Ray too long to realize that it served no purpose to him, and he pulled us away from the store!

I would love to know what went through that Shepherd/Rotti brain of his when he first saw it!


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