Sticks and Water!

Our hot weather continues but, the other day, the merciless sun was accompanied by a breeze coming off the lake. That was all we needed to walk Ray down there and let him splash around on a long leash! Traditionally he has loved the lake, just as he has loved sticks, so the shoreline of Lake Ontario must seem close to heaven to him!

Here he is having rescued a stick, and is now trying to get it to cooperate! Note that in typical Ray character, his front feet serve to stabilize and control whatever he is working on at the time!

Getting Ray into the lake on a hot day (probably any day really!) is not a problem, but if you want him in fast…. throw a stick!

He is still not happy when the water touches his stomach but, given the necessity to leash him, that’s probably a good thing as he is always going to be within easy reach should he get into difficultiesΒ  and panic!

We had one very wet and happy dog accompanying us home later!

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  1. This is a dog that understands the purpose of sticks! Ray is one beautiful furry being and seems to be enjoying all that life is offering him now. Thank-you for the adorable photos.

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