The Apple Routine!

Ray and I share an apple on a regular basis. I simply quarter the apple, and then slice up one of the quarters for him. He is very familiar with this routine so I become his instant best friend as soon as he hears the cutting! My eating is paced so that we both finish at the same time… well that’s only fair!

The video below is a selfie so accurate positioning of the camera was a challenge, but some intuitive moving (around the 1:20 mark in the movie) resolved an obvious oversight!

The hammering/shot gun sounds are a roofing crew two doors down laying new shingles!

60 thoughts on “The Apple Routine!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Michael and, as I have said so many times over the life of this blog, his previous owners have no idea what they are missing. It took about a year to get Ray to be fairly sociable, and another three years to get him where he is at today… but four years is really not a huge amount of time to commit to a dog and realize its potential as a loving family member. It’s a lot less than a child requires, so I wonder why so many people just don’t get it? Always a pleasure hearing from you. 🙂

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  1. My 3 1/2 yr. old grandson, Benjamin, watched Ray’s video over and over earlier today. He was fascinated by the “high fives” and happy that Ray “shares”. Apples and peanut butter are one of Benjamin’s favorite treats too! Thank-you for the fun video, we both loved it.

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  2. I’m glad you explained the background sounds or I would have thought you and Ray were having a snack in a war zone. 🙂 Ray clearly loves his apple; intense focus on that plate! Max actually prefers melons to apples but his all time fave is carrots.

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  3. So cute! Cats don’t eat people food, except I do have one that likes one potato chip. Only one. She likes off the salt. Sometimes she eats it and sometimes she just leaves the soggy mess for me to clean up. Unless I pull a full sized tuna out of my itty bitty pond, there is no interest in what I am eating.

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    • The cats in my history would not show much interest in human food except for one! Friday! She loved to climb up (ouch!) onto your shoulder, once you were sitting at the dining table, and lovingly (a big con job!) drape herself over your shoulder and up aginst your neck. As soon as a fork load of food approached, a quick swat with a paw and…………………! 🙂

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    • He probably already has that figured out but, displaying a trait that we can all learn from, it’s not important to him… as long as he gets some of it. So many people give their dogs big treats which are not only questionable for health reasons (weight gain), but are not necessary. Ray is not unusual in that he really appreciates a treat regardless of what size it us. 🙂

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  4. He’s so adorable! Love how he stares at the plate the whole time. I had a poodle who did the same with bananas. No matter where she was in the house, if you popped a banana off the bunch she came running. Always made me laugh. Ray is such a beautiful dog ❤️

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