One Very Special Dog!

My dog is one very special dog. I had not had a dog before, and tended to avoid most of them as a result of a dog bite from a German Shepherd many years ago.

In October 2012, I decided that perhaps there was a place in my life for a dog, but it would have to be one very special dog. It had to be quite large, affectionate, cuddly, sociable, secure in itself and easily trainable…. it really had to be one very special dog.


In November 2012 , Ray was picked up by the Humane Society as a stray. He was assumed to be a German Shepherd /Labrador Retriever mix (later determined to be German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix) and, while he displayed no obvious signs of physical abuse, he did present traits that would suggest abuse in his past.  He reacted aggressively to people and other dogs; did not like to be touched, and was fearful of sticks (and anything closely resembling a stick).

In November 2012, I went to look at the dogs at our local Humane Society because, from my perspective, what better place to look for one very special dog!  The staff there were wonderfully understanding and extremely helpful, and suggested a retired greyhound… but while I had no specific objection to a greyhound, it was just not the dog that I visualized going home with.


Between November and February, the Humane Society trainers were working on him and slowly they became confident that he could be adoptable… to the right people!

Between November and February, Carol and I were visiting the adoption bays on a regular basis and I was asking the Humane Society staff many, many questions about dogs.


In February 2013, Ray was moved into his new home… a den in adoption row.

In February 2013, I started to meet Ray on a daily basis.


In March 2013, I was beginning to think that perhaps Ray could be a very special dog.

In March 2013, I had to ask myself some questions:

Was he quite large?  At 75lbs… yes he was.

Was he affectionate?  No…. but perhaps in time?

Was he cuddly? No… but perhaps in time?

Was he sociable? Not really… but perhaps in time?

Was he secure in himself? No… but perhaps in time?

Was he trainable? Possibly… based on an obvious interest in food!

In March 2013, Ray came home with us, and our lives have never been the same since. He is one very special dog!


The first 18 months of living with Ray (an emotional roller coaster ride like no other) are covered in my book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”, which is available in eBook, paperback and hard cover formats, and can be ordered from amazon and other online retailers, and also direct from Friesen Press. All profits from book sales will be directed to “his” Humane Society!



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  1. One very special dog for one special man, right? From the first tender touch Ray chose you…he thought to himself ” I believe that I can teach this guy a thing or 2 about dogs. About how wonderful we can be. He appears to have a big, kind and patient heart. I believe we could be a perfect fit and I will make sure to keep him on his toes! Yes, I will choose him!”
    And so the journey began. 🙂

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