Ray and rain!

This morning was raining! It was not a surprise as it was forecast, but Ray does not like rain (and he’s not too thrilled with lawn sprinklers). Given his antics in rivers and lakes, I do not really understand what his problem is, but I don’t need to understand it… just recognize it!

As we went through our predictable early morning routine, we reached the point where I open the back door, and Ray comes trotting out onto the back porch; down a few steps, and wanders around the garden looking for a good pee place, after which he charges back to the house for his breakfast.

This morning when I opened the door, Ray stayed where he was and just looked at me (“You’re kidding right? You want me out there with you? It’s raining!”). I decided to go down into the garden thinking that he would follow me, but no. I tried to encourage him, and reminded him that he must have a full bladder (“Yeh I know it’s full, but I’m younger than you so I can hold it longer. How about some breakfast instead?”).

My last resort would be to attach his leash and coax (?) him out with me. I duly attached his leash to his collar and stepped out onto the back deck. Ray stayed in the open doorway. I just looked at him, and started off down the steps. The leash didn’t even go tight as Ray trotted down by my side, and accompanied me on a tour of the lawn perimeter until he found the “right spot” to relieve himself. When he had finished, I unclipped his leash… and Ray charged back to the house for his breakfast. Things were back to normal!

Why water sprinkling on his back is an issue, I have no idea. Why I did not have to pull him through the door, I have no idea. Perhaps he sensed that he was not going to get any options so may as well cooperate?

He is an interesting character!


30 thoughts on “Ray and rain!

  1. Your account of how Ray behaved is a great illustration that however much we love our dogs, and are loved by them in return, we humans can only guess at how the brain of a dog truly functions. I’m sure you have read Stanley Coren’s book How To Speak Dog.

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  2. Yes, it must be a dog thing. Riley is the exact same way. Lucy, on the other hand, could care less if it is raining. She seems to enjoy it. Lexi didn’t care one way or the other. Just like people, they all have their preferences and idiosyncrasies.

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