Squish! Squish!

This is intended simply as a fun Post, with the title being taken from a Comment against the October 6 Post “A Trail Walk (Conclusion)”. With that Post, a number of you appeared to have fixated on the fact that I walked into the river fully clothed. Having such a lovable dog expressing excitement at the possibility of going into the water, made it difficult to refuse him the pleasure. Having almost 80lbs of dog pulling such that his leash was so taut, I could have probably played a tune on it, made it almost impossible to say no!

When the excitement was over… squish… squish!

22 thoughts on “Squish! Squish!

  1. Please don’t get Ray to teach Brandy that trick. We have an all-year creek running across the lower part of our property. It genuinely is called Bummer Creek that’s rather appropriate if Brandy did do that! 😉

    (The true reason it was named Bummer Creek is in recognition that it didn’t provide the anticipated gold !)

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  2. Remember that quote from yesterday, ” Life shouldn’t be lived with the intention of arriving in a well preserved body……but to skid in yelling, “Woo-Hoo! What a Ride!”
    So keep going “Squish! Squish!” 🙂

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