This is what our home looked like on Christmas Eve. Typically, the snow will just starting piling up now until the spring.

We went downtown that evening because there was a choir singing on the town square and, on our way back home… another pic!

How could anybody not love this climate? šŸ™‚

44 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. This is a beautiful photo of Ray and his human! Your home looked ready to celebrate, so inviting. We are preparing to be inundated with snow tomorrow from Winter Storm Grayson. I love everything about snow…except the shoveling these days. Thank-you for sharing your wonderful photos.

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  2. We had some sleet today at breakfast and the children outside the restaurant were trying to scrape the ice of the windshield wipers of a car and make a snowman on the hood. Closest we get to snow here in Alvin, Texas on the Texas Gulf Coast. I am from Virginia and miss making snow cream with fresh snow and Eagle Brand condensed milk. Even my husband’s dog loved it in his dishpan leftovers. The next time it snowed, Tippy ran around sampling various parts of the yard, looking for the sweet part.

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  3. *hand up and waving* Me, me! I hate the cold, and would only like the snow if I could play in it without the cold. Didn’t mind it as a child growing up in Pennsylvania, but now all I want is the warm sunshine (and a beach, if possible, please).

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