Jingle Bells?

This pic with Santa was taken a few years ago and, at that time, both Ray and Santa agreed on an “arms length” relationship. A wise decision because Ray was still a little uncertain about people and would make his discomfort clearly known.

Now here we are, a few years later, and Ray is Mr. Sociable! Clearly he wasn’t always like that, and the first 18 months (after he adopted himself out of our local shelter and into our home) were roller coaster rides of emotional events which eventually triggered the book “Who Said I was up for Adoption? (A story about one calculating dog… and one unsuspecting human).”

What better Christmas gift than a true and “feel-good” story about a dog who is not only still alive at the end of the book, but is still alive today! It is available direct from Friesen Press, as well as all the usual on-line book retailers.



Dog Adoptions!

There have been a number of Posts recently that address the “Adopt don’t shop” mantra, or have otherwise promoted the humane value in adopting from a shelter. A lot of people are instinctively wary of adopting a rescued dog because of a perception that it will be trouble. Continue reading