The Visit to the Vet!

Before Christmas, we decided to make an appointment with Ray’s (and our) favorite vet. He had been doing a lot of licking in the area around the inside top of a back leg, and had taken out most of the fur in that area. This revealed a rather nasty looking rash.

The visit resulted in a recommendation of some cream (which did resolve the problem) however, the high-light of the visit was the entertainment courtesy of Ray. He really likes his vet (Natalia), because she always has really good treats for him. She, in turn, has seen Ray change over the years and appears to be very fond of him.

While we were waiting in one of the consultation/treatment rooms for Natalia, we were surprised to see Ray looking for her. Our room had recently had a bleach rinse, and so both doors into it were open slightly to allow some extra air circulation. We couldn’t miss the photo opportunity!

Who could not love him?

38 thoughts on “The Visit to the Vet!

  1. Choppy needs some of Ray’s attitude at the vet – she is terrified of every vet I have ever taken her to (and even a vet who was at our wedding, even though she was clearly neither at a vet’s office nor in vet clothing – and even though she was tempting Choppy with all sorts of treats). I guess it’s better that than to be violent toward the vet.

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    • Our vet advised us (back in 2013) to take him there a few times for no reason other than to meet the staff and get spoiled with treats. As he had “huge needles in the lower back area” in his immediate future (heart-worm treatment)… we did just that and it worked great. He now gets excited when we go there and, even though he knows that he will probably get manhandled, the treats make it worth it! Dr. Natalia has gone out of her way to make him comfortable there, and seeing her is clearly a real pleasure for him.

      If anybody in the West of Toronto area is reading this, I can totally recommend North Oakville Animal Hospital (aka NOAH) in Oakville.

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    • They really are aren’t they. It’s amazing what lots of patience, professional guidance, and loads of TLC can produce but, of course, the dog has to be a willing participant! 🙂


  2. He is so cute! It’s so hard to believe he was once that frightened dog you describe in your book. None of my cats are attracted to our vet. She doesn’t dispense treats but a good visit comes with a catnip mousie. Perhaps treats would be better.

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