It’s all about Ray!

“Okay … put the winter boot on!”

When I see Ray in this kind of position, I am reminded of the Ray of almost 5 years ago. That was the Ray that had no apparent “in-home” living experience; could not manage steps; did not want to be touched; tensed up at the slightest thing; lunged and barked with minimal provocation; had startle response, and displayed no evidence of any prior training.

When he adopted himself out of our local Humane Society, and into my heart, he knew exactly what he was doing!

The full story of Ray is available in the book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”, available from Friesen Press, Amazon, and all the usual book retailers … in Hard Copy, Paperback, and eBook formats.

14 thoughts on “It’s all about Ray!

    • Yes that does tend to be the way it goes doesn’t it. We provide the food, shelter and loads of TLC. We pay their vet bills, and restructure our lives around them … and they get upset if we ever change a routine. Yup … dogs rule! 🙂

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    • He certainly his. Even the shelter staff are amazed at the transformation from when they first picked him up in 2012. All the details, both the trials and the tribulations, are in his book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” 🙂


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