Oh Ray!

The past week was so mild that all our snow melted. We’re not complaining because, much as we enjoy the snow, we enjoy seeing grass so much more.

We recently took Ray on his usual afternoon walk and, at one point, we were alongside a grass area which sloped upwards and away from the sidewalk.  On that grass slope, and a short distance away, was a lone dandelion flower. It was so pretty that Carol said that she was going to stop and take a pic of it with her phone. Carol had the leash, and so steered Ray up onto the grass where she asked him to sit.

I usually walk behind when Carol has the leash. Not only does the sidewalk get a little “crowded” with the three of us walking side by side, but I can also block any person from coming up and surprising Ray from behind. Of course I also get so much pleasure in just watching him walking in his now really carefree manner. He kind of bounces along!

As we were approaching the sloping grass section, Ray stopped suddenly to checkout some interesting scents and I ended up in front of them. From that position, I heard Carol express delight at seeing this lonely dandelion flower. I turned to wait for them just as she asked Ray to sit … and I then watched as Ray went into his sit position … directly on top of the dandelion!

A few attempts later, and with Ray’s left paw very close to it, the dandelion pic was captured!

Ray has often accidentally sabotaged photograph opportunities, such that we are beginning to wonder “Is it really accidental … or does he have an odd sense of humor?”

34 thoughts on “Oh Ray!

  1. I remember gathering dandelion greens from the yard once to see what it was my grandmother claimed they used to make salads from…uuugggghhh…nasty! (even with oil and vinegar). Maybe I would like dandelion wine better? LOL

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  2. Love it! Ray obviously has a sense of humor. I think I know where he may have learned it from. 🙂
    No dandelions here yet, but we do have grass,no snow! Though I almost wish it was snowing today instead of how windy it is. Just trying to open the car door before the wind blows it shut is a little challenging!

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  3. Ray is a Dandy-dog with the remains of his sad little Dandelion! Hope you enjoyed the grass, there might be more snow in your future. Thank-you for another tale of Ray!

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  4. Ah so this is where the pet humor came from! I had a cat when I was learning photography (back in the old days of real film). I used her as a subject often but her favorite spot was always on top of the neutral gray board I used. She would spread out so I couldn’t see it at all. If she wasn’t there all I got were butts and tails. At least Ray LOVES having his picture taken. Lovely (slightly smooshed) dandelion. I haven’t seen any here but we’ve warmed up too. There are greens poking through the ground!

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  5. We’ve also had our first blooming weeds, so much so that the front yard was covered thickly with them and I had to mow last Monday. Of course, we are considerably further south than you.

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