“Life Gets Tedious”

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Not too sure how this happened. I was born in 1946 … and this song was released in 1948, but I loved it! Of course I could have been very receptive to songs at the age of two, but more likely it was because my Mum owned it on an old 78rpm record. I started to play my Mum and Dad’s records quite early, as soon as I could figure out how to work our wind up record player (probably mid 1950’s). Obviously it made an impact because I have never forgotten it.

“Life Gets Tedious” has its place in my memories of that time in my life, along with Brahm’s Violin Concerto, Gilbert & Sullivan’s “The Mikado” and various Sibelius pieces. This was soon to be expanded by the late 1950’s popular music … and numerous more violin concertos. Enjoy!

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  1. You are a “wee” bit older than I, but I do remember those 78 rpm records that my Mother played in my younger years. I loved the little background scratchy sound on them. I don’t recall ever hearing this song. I do remember a few with his wife, Mary Healy, that my Mother played. I also recall a TV show they did together many years ago. Aren’t memories a marvelous gift that can be reopened over and over? Thank-you for reopening this moment in time.

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    • It is lovely to revisit those days gone by, but it also gives us a reality check regarding our own journey through life, and the distance we have traveled! It also prompts the rather thought provoking question “How much longer will our respective journeys be?” πŸ™‚


  2. One never knows what to expect with your music posts. πŸ™‚ This was a fun Saturday piece.
    Had to smile at the lyrics. Laughed at the following line and then had a thought about it. “The dog is sitting on a thorn but to lazy to move.” The same could be said about people who complain when they could easily change things but they would rather “howl” than make the effort to change the problem.

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