A Mouse Tale (Tail)?

We thought we had a 9:00am appointment earlier this week with the vet. It was time for Ray’s annual check up, and to review the heart-worm, flea and tick prevention programs.Β  Upon our arrival, we were told that our appointment was not until 9:50 … so what to do?

We decided that as Ray can always make good use of some extra mileage in his day, we would take him out and check out the area around the vet building. Just across the road, there appeared to be a quite extensive park area with trails, bridges and at least one very large pond, so it was a natural choice to cross the road and walk the trails.

We had been out for around 30 minutes, and were heading back in the general direction of the vet building (Carol had the leash), when Ray suddenly dived forward and grabbed a large object. Carol intuitively grabbed his jaw and shoved her hand in his mouth and pulled out what could have been a dead rodent! As she threw it down on the grass, Ray leapt forward and grabbed it again, but this time he swallowed it.

I was researching barn owls sometime ago, and I learned that they are a threatened species in England due to excessive rat baiting. Apparently people are baiting to get the rat population under control, but keep baiting as a preventive measure. Unfortunately, when there are insufficient rats to clean up the bait, other rodents (i.e. mice) will eat it. Barn owls love to eat mice and similar rodents, with a predictable outcome.

Given the body of water in this park area, it would have been a classic rat baiting area and so my immediate thought was … what if that rodent had been poisoned?

We were soon back in the vet building where we explained what had happened. Ray’s favorite vet (Natalia) was available and her immediate reaction was that we should get him to empty his stomach. Poor Ray was muzzled; flipped onto his side with Carol and I stroking him, talking to him, and holding his front end firmly down, while they took some blood for routine testing, and then gave him in IV supply of something that would make him vomit.

After a few moments, and with his muzzle removed, he was standing in front of us looking very unhappy, and Natalia was standing with a large plastic bowl at the ready! Probably about a minute later, poor Ray’s stomach was ejecting everything in it and, on top of one load of partially digested breakfast, was a black lump which she quickly took and examined. She managed to expose the tail and claws of a mouse.

Ray was rather “wiped out” for the next few hours, but soon recovered from his ordeal. We later had a call from Natalia asking how he was doing and whether he had forgiven us for putting him through that experience. I told her that he was back to normal with us but, when he sees her again (today at 8:50am)…. I would not want to predict his reaction. She may just need to have some special treats ready if she expects to be his favorite vet once again!


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    • All things being considered, he is doing remarkably well. He was back at the vets on Friday and had a couple of injections, and still loved the vet when it was all over! The power of really good treats!

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  1. As summer nears, we will once again begin our battle with voles. Mouse like creatures that devour plant roots and destroy tulip bulbs. We set several traps and bait them with bits of apple. Our youngest Malshi, Coco, is a loving and “giving” pup who reveled in finding the trapped voles and happily grabbing the vole, trap and all, and depositing the whole mess in the middle of the living room. She proudly stood over her capture obviously expecting praise from her grateful humans. This has necessitated a “first thing in the morning” solo patrol by me to locate and remove any trapped voles prior to our little gift giver making her morning rounds.

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  2. I must admit that I did not know that a dog would eat an already deceased rodent…yuck! Carol was very brave to reach into Ray’s mouth and pull that thing out. That is an ultimate act of love and devotion! Ray is one lucky guy in a myriad of ways. I shudder to contemplate how differently this might have ended for dear Ray, Carol and you. One Guardian Angel on his shoulder and both of you watching his back! Thank-you and good luck on the next vet visit for all involved!

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    • I think Ray’s background as a stray may have established a “grab it when you can” approach to anything remotely edible. Who knows when the next meal would be? He revisited the vet this morning and did not seem to carry any grudges but then, his favorite vet came into the consulting room with a jar of liver treats! All is well in his, and our, world! πŸ™‚

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  3. Poor Ray! When my cats caught something they shouldn’t they took off at the sight of me because they knew I would steal it. Now none of my cats go out so I don’t have to worry about it. Eating rodents can also give worms to a cat or dog (at least in our area).

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  4. Awwwww, poor Ray. He was having such fun and then it all went to hell in a hand basket (plastic bowl)!!! Ya gotta feel sorry for the mouse who probably thought he was having a great day. Good news is no rat poison involved. Bet he’s gonna be a perfect gentleman for today’s appointment.

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  5. Poor Ray! Have to wonder what was going through his mind while going through all that at the vet’s. It will be interesting to see how Ray reacts today with his appointment. He may not want to enter the office today. Natalia may not be the only one that needs some extra treats for Ray. You and Carol may need to have some as well to get him through the door!
    If only he could understand that you all did what you did to protect his health!

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  6. Oh gosh! Lucky you were right there at the vets to get rid of the mouse. I know of a dog here that died because it ate rat poison – not a nice way to go.
    Ray will have no idea what you were all doing, but hopefully he behaves on his return visit.

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  7. Ah, yes, the time that ‘dogs will be dogs.’ How our golden used to love to chase squirrels, mice, rabbits (he gave up on cats long before). He never had success, except one morning, we found part of a squirrel’s tail by the front door. I was NOT happy (the squirrel probably even less so). Glad Ray swallowed a mouse, not a poisoned rat, or worse, an owl. My guess is that he’ll be rather squeamish at his next vet visit. ;-0

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