More news about Ray!

This is ONE of my favorite pics of Ray (I have many!!!!).

Not only does he have soft floppy ears and a lovely proportioned face (well I think so!), but he has such thought provoking eyes. What was he thinking?

The photograph was taken in September 2013, so he had known us for six months. He was also on 50mg of Clomipramine/day (later changed to 40mg of Fluoxitine/day) … so he was probably not thinking too clearly about anything.

Regular readers will know that we have been reducing Ray’s meds very slowly for quite some time now. He is currently on 20mg/day and, as at a week ago when he was due for another reduction, we decided to keep him on 20mg while we monitored him for a while longer.

This weekend is a holiday weekend here, and last night we heard fireworks going off at regular intervals, some of which seemed to be very close to us. Ray slept through most of them, but even when he was awake, he showed no signs of any concern and his breathing was normal.

His walks down town have recently presented circumstances that put me on alert as to how he would react – being greeted by more than one dog at a time – an uninvited human hand touching him as the hand’s owner walked passed him – children leaping around in front of him. He handled all those circumstances with apparent ease.

Yesterday (Carol had the leash), we were approaching a very large (130lbs+) German Shepherd and its demeanor just did not seem right to me.Β  Rather than have Ray pass close to it, I positioned myself such that I would be between them.Β  We were almost totally passed the GSD when it suddenly lunged and barked at Ray!Β  It caught me my surprise, as I was just thinking that it had been uneventful. Carol advised me later that I jumped when it reacted!

How did Ray do? He did better than me! He just carried on with his walk and, apart from glancing over at the GSD, seemed totally disinterested and unconcerned.

Given these recent events, and many others this past week where Ray has really shown great self-control, as well as open and friendly interest in anybody who is remotely likely to have treats on them ( I am sure that he can scent a dog-owner from miles away!), we have decided that when we run out of 20mg capsules in a week’s time, we will continue with 10mg capsules.

Dear Ray, we are slowly learning who you really are, as I am sure you must be. Be proud of yourself.

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    • Thank you Kathleen. If I can write a book about him** (with profits going to the Humane Society who rescued him), having the patience to work with him is not an issue. He is one of the family and gets treated as such! πŸ™‚

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  1. Benjamin says : “Ray is an awesome fluffy dog!” He gave him a kiss on his nose too. This is one of many beautiful photos of Ray that you have shared. He does have a very pensive look in this photo, it draws one in. Your patience appears to be rewarded and that is good news for all of you! Thank-you, we love reading about Ray!

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  2. Way to go Ray! He’s such a cutie, but as a guy, I’m not sure he’d like that term. So Ray you look β€˜handsome’ in that picture πŸ™‚

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  3. Colin, you are really brave to put yourself between two big dogs. Please be careful. It’s just as well that Ray remained calm. Next time you go walking, please take one of Ray’s tablets before you leave and cross the street when you see that German Shepherd.

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    • Given that he was estimated at 2 years old when picked up, and showed no canine socialization skills, it is assumed that he was separated from his Mom prematurely. The fact that he had no collar, no I.D.tags, and a scan showed no microchip… and he had heart-worm and an ear infection…. would suggest that his life up until then was not too good.

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  4. So glad that you were in between Ray and the German Shepherd when he decided to lunge. That is great that Ray remained calm! That you were the one to jump. πŸ™‚ Thankfully the German Shepherd just lunged and didn’t try to bite!!
    Ray’s fur looks so nice and fluffy around his neck in that picture. Oh yes, if only you could know the secrets hidden in his eyes.

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  5. Colin, I just want to hug Ray and kiss his big black nose! He is sooooo handsome. Ray is taking his meds reduction in stride. However, I think YOU may need 10mg of something when walking with him!! Lol. I am so happy to hear how far he has progressed. You and Carol have to be thrilled since you’re all in this together. Sounds like the planning and watching and struggling for patience has paid off.

    You all deserve an extra treat today!
    πŸ”Ή Ginger πŸ”Ή

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