Life can get complicated!

Some of the seasonal outdoor patios are already open, and so we now have to watch Ray carefully whenever we pass one.

The problem is simply that Ray’s nose can easily reach over (or through) the patio railings and investigate nearby food!Β  We just recently passed one where two tables up against the railings were being used, and therefore had food on them. Ray effortlessly reached up and did a brief analysis of what was on the plates. The diners were, fortunately, amused.

I recently saw a video (on YouTube) of a dog stealing a french-fry off a plate. The dog was so precise and gentle, and reminded me of my early experience of Ray doing the same thing but with a full slice of toast!

Therein is an obvious challenge for us. With the summer patios being set up and starting to be used, and as we have to pass them in order to go anywhere in our downtown area … Ray becomes a bit of a liability!Β  With his canine burglary skills, and that long tongue, he is likely to help himself to anything that is on the edge of a diner’s plate.

Ray always walks on our left, so the solution to position ourselves between him and the patios would create other potential issues. I guess our only solution is to cross the road when we approach a patio, or manipulate our routes such that patios are approached from the opposite direction. Life can get complicated.

32 thoughts on “Life can get complicated!

  1. My newest cat, who came from a hoarding situation, stole food for the first two months. Then she realized it was always there and she didn’t need to. My funniest memory is of her running around with a pork chop bone almost as big as she was. I’ve seen dogs steal hot dogs, especially from kids. My brother’s childhood dog would steal ice cream from cones. Stealing food is so much better than being aggressive. Yay Ray!

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  2. LOL at Ray! Hey when there is an opportunity to get some yummy food, how can he pass it up. He is a smart dog, you and Carol just have to keep thinking of ways to be smarter than him. Mental challenges are good for you in life, right?

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  3. Hahahah!!! That is too funny! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Of course, some of the diners might not see the humor in it! Either of the solutions you mentioned are perfect. So in the summer you walk ‘this’ way and in winter you walk ‘that’ way. Good change of pace for all of you.
    πŸ”Ή Ginger πŸ”Ή

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  4. Haha. I can imagine. Maggie is the same close to the prom cafes (one either end and in the middle). She can sniff out bacon for England.
    I remember my parent’s dog from years back pinching a sausage roll from my aunt’s fingers as she was animately talking to someone. She never even felt it go.

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