Power of Observation!

What aspects of this pic get your attention?

a. His eyes are alert but his ears are relaxed.

b. His paw fur is a lighter color than that on his head.

c. There is no food in front of his nose.

d. The digits on his left paw are shorter than those on his right paw.

e. He is laying on a hardwood floor, rather a soft chair, sofa or bed.

If you got all 5 … well done!

29 thoughts on “Power of Observation!

  1. Hello Colin
    Meant to put a comment before…but had to go for councelling as I didn’t get any observation correct as per your hints. The only thing I recognised was THE HAND (and I don’t mean the B movie with Michael Caine either). Last time I saw that hand in the photo was 54 years ago at Reardon Smith Nautical College, busy eating real fish & chips cooked in lard! My therapist thinks that I am in a time warp!!!

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  2. I missed ‘c’ because I wasn’t looking for what wasn’t there!

    Even Ray seems to be saying, “C’mon Colin, you think people won’t notice your hand in place of my paw?”

    Very clever. I’m thinking Ray thought this up, right?!!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  3. I read this post to Benjamin and we looked at Ray’s photo. Benjamin’s observation : “Doesn’t he know there is only one paw?” Thank-you for this challenge!

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