What is wrong with them?

I have little to say about FB that is positive. My Posts are automatically copied there in order to give my stories about Ray, and my books a little more exposure, but any further use of FB seems to be highly questionable.

Because books cannot sell without exposure, I have also decided to follow a number of dog specific FB pages … a decision which is also seems to be highly questionable.

Just recently, some individual posted a comment on a very dog-breed specific site, which condemned the breed! Once the inevitable back-lash started, the dialogues deteriorated to a level that I might expect to see on a washroom/toilet wall in a school. The “hate the breed” campaign eventually expanded to insults over education levels … to racial slurs … to personal affronts.

All the things that I thought we, as a species, were slowly trying toΒ  overcome, were being displayed on my computer screen.Β  I could go on and on about the clear lack of understanding; lack of tolerance; lack of compassion etc. but, while reading the abuse, my dominant thought was “Why? What purpose could possibly be served by deliberately antagonizing a group of dog lovers?” The answer I suppose is complex, but possibly simply for attention at any price? To vent personal frustrations? To establish some significance in a life where they have none?

Given the world-wide reach of FB, it would not be practical for me to pursue an explanation, but I do think that perhaps my school washroom/toilet reference earlier may be pretty accurate. It seems that having access to the internet is a high priority both for adults and their children … and perhaps it is the children who have yet to learn the advantages of diplomacy, discretion and basic good manners.

“Be the world that you want it to be”

“Treat people the way you would want to be treated.”

It really is not difficult to ask oneself “Would I like people to be rude and critical towards me, or would I like people to be friendly and understanding towards me?” There is the delinquent factor that would openly say they don’t care but, for most people (and I would suggest deep-down for everybody), the answer is rather obvious.

As for the moderators who allow these dialogues to continue? That is just totally irresponsible.

As for dogs? Who would not want to have a nap with this “boy” alongside you?

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  1. That’s why I post most of my stuff to tumbler, Google +,Pintrest and Twitter.
    I’m having to move a lot of my messages and work to my blog because people are just ridiculous. It’s like living in a 2nd grade sandbox but with no consequences. Facebook seems to have turned into the place where there bullies gather and mob people. But heaven forbid they get a taste of their own medicine.
    I’m personally just too old and tired to really care about their garbage any more. I just hope they grow up one day and start Acting human.
    In the meantime…. people like you are a refreshing change to see. I think anyone who actually has anything to say , should use blogs. The people I see using them truly believe in what they write and reach others of the same heart…if not the same subject.
    When the others find something to really believe in other than themselves, it gathers more people who care about something…and then ya got a bonified movement!😹😜 Who knows…maybe they’ll start acting responsible and start understanding how much power faith and hard work can get them. Until then…i pray….constantly.
    Keep up the great work….and even if your book doesn’t get exposure….You do! And that is huge!
    Be Blessed!πŸ’–

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  2. FB seems to have outlived its usefulness for us as well, beyond photos of family living at opposite ends of the country. With the algorithm it uses putting ‘business’ pages at a disadvantage on feeds, it makes no sense to waste time going down that rabbit hole. If I want the negativity, I can drive in rush hour traffic but ultimately get something eventually accomplished. I’m not sure I can say that about FB.

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  3. Choosing to take a nap with handsome, adorable Ray, would definitely take precedent over Facebook!
    I may post on Facebook, but sadly I believe that your use of the “school bathroom” phrase is accurate.
    WordPress is much more uplifting, and your blog featuring “King Ray” a lot, is one I can always count on to bring smiles. πŸ™‚

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  4. I’m on FB too but without excitement. I use it to keep up with family and publicize my blog. I use the hide and unfriend buttons a lot. Recently a woman I know from my old gym “friended me.” She’s a nice enough lady but posts a lot of Trump stuff (she likes him). I’m not interested so after one day of friendship she was gone! People have a lot of courage when they are not looking at the person they are addressing.

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  5. That doesn’t have to be your experience on FB anymore. There are a lot of controls that allow designing what you see or don’t see. Having said that though, this kind of nonsense is not new. It happens in real life too. Except that hiding behind a computer screen seems to bring out the a-hole in a lot of people. It gives them this artificial courage that allows them to be stupider than normal. People in groups are the worst. They lose all sense of civility once they start following the crowd. And yes, it’s hard to get by and advertise anything you want people to read without FB and other social media so you are kind of stuck with the good and the bad of it all. Good luck with your writing. – Robert

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  6. I’m thankful for the WordPress community. You don’t see that kind of hate around here…at least on the blogs that I follow. Like you, my blog posts go to my Facebook account and I have an author page where I share my hummingbird photos and some of my favorite photos of the Shenandoah Valley. Apart from that, I stay away from FB….there’s too many mean, addicted people who have nothing better to do with their time.

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  7. I can dislike something or someone immensely, but hate? No, more indifference. However, when it comes to animals, especially dogs, I have my preferences. As for these individuals that seem to get off by spouting obscene language towards anything just for the hell of it, I have no time for them. As for snuggling up next to Ray, yeah, that’s cool. Move over! πŸ™‚

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  8. Sadly, there will always be internet trolls, be it FB, twitter and yes, even WordPress. I’m not sure why it’s necessary for someone to put others down. Some sick gratification, I guess. I have pulled back my interactions on FB except for very close friends. I stay out of groups, and leave pages that allow this to happen. Maybe someday, people will wake up. But lm not holding my breath. 😞

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  9. One thing that must be taught is the old advice “Consider the source”. Often on FB the “source” is a sad or misguided or bully or someone with way too much time on their hands ( and why do they have that, you must wonder)
    Not doing FB at all any more. The community here is much more entertaining, friendly, and fun – usually. Some do get off on rant once in a while, but most live and let live even with that.

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  10. I have decided there are a lot of “haters.” People who have to hate someone or something in order to make their own lives make sense. Whether it is hate for a particular race, gender, person, political group, religious or non-religious belief, or dog breed, it cannot make sense to people who do not embrace hate. I check in on a few people on FB, such as our little dog friend Noodle, but for the most part stay away from it and other venues the “haters” use. I am so thankful that our blogging community has never shown these prejudices.

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    • Yes we do have a wonderful community here. Since 2014, I have only blocked 2 Comments. Given the amount of dialogue received since 2014, that is a wonderful “batting average”! πŸ™‚

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