“Needle of Death”

You have probably never heard of Bert Jansch, unless you are aware of the Contemporary English Folk band Pentangle. He was a guitarist with Pentangle, but also pursued a solo career.

“Needle of Death” was a very poignant song of the 1960’s and, very sadly, is equally poignant today.  As long as we have depression; as long as we have individuals who are prepared to profit from it; as long as we have a culture that does not understand mental health … then this will always be a very relevant song.


14 thoughts on ““Needle of Death”

  1. WOW, you have taken me back to 1965! A year that holds many special moments and memories. I must admit that it has been many years since I have given any thought to Bert Jansch. This is the only album of his that I ever owned. It was not bought for this song, but because of “Do You Hear Me Now” and the fantastic guitar playing on “Angie”. He did not even own a guitar when this album was recorded, a fact that I always found amazing. Did you know that Mike Oldfield was first influenced by Jansch’s guitar playing. “Needle of Death” is, sadly, a timeless song. Thank-you!

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