“She used to be mine”

One very surprising bonus from Blogging, is the possible indirect connections that can be made, and which can be very rewarding.  I was introduced to the songs of Sara Bareilles by the partner of one of my regular Followers (thx Brad), and loved this particular one.

I soon as I heard it, I thought what a powerful message it gave to “people-pleasers”, and to others who are losing themselves by simply striving for constant peer approval.

It is sad that, when we only have one life, we can spend so much of it trying to simply be somebody other than our true self. Just imagine being in a position where death is imminent and, upon reflection, you realize that the “real-you” had never lived.  Perhaps an interesting perspective to ponder? Enjoy!

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  1. I know of Sara Bareilles for one reason, she wrote the score for the musical adaptation of Waitress. My youngest daughter loved the 2007 movie “Waitress”, in part because she was a pastry chef, but also she liked Kerri Russell. When she heard about the musical in 2015, she had to see it. She and her sister, my eldest daughter, went to the American Repertory Theater in Massachusetts in late August 2015 and they loved it. Then, they returned a second time in Sept. 2015 before it closed. They were ecstatic when Sara released the “What’s Inside – Songs from Waitress” later that year. This song is on that album and I’ve heard it many, many times. She is a very talented young woman. Thank-you!

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    • It is a wonderful song isn’t it and yes, I knew that the reference to her work (these shoes and this apron; that place and its patrons) were from “Waitress”. Great that your “girls” could see it performed live. What an experience that must have been 🙂


  2. Thanks for posting this. Though I may have introduced you to the artist, you introduced me to the song. I hadn’t gotten her latest CD yet, so this song was new to me. It is indeed a great song.

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