The Dog’s Bed?

When Ray invited himself to become part of our lives, I had no problems with him sharing our home. I had no problems if he chose to sleep on my bed but …

… when he lays there basically waiting for his breakfast ,,,

… or when he clearly expects the pillows-end of the bed, regardless of how accessible it is …

… or when he sees an opportunity to take over more than half the bed …

… I really have to question whether I have been perhaps a little too generous with my hospitality?

30 thoughts on “The Dog’s Bed?

  1. Hubby’s already been ousted into the spare room so Maggie and I have the big bed. He says it’s to stop disturbing us with his own restlessness. Hm. Her ladyship starts curled up, but by morning she is stretched diagonally across the bed, pillow to foot, and I have a little wedge in the top corner! She is one loooonnnng dog!

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