November Anniversary!

November is the month that Ray was originally picked up by the Oakville & Milton Humane Society in 2012. Their trainers worked with him for about four months, before they thought that he was ready for adoption!

In November 2014, not long after this Blog was started, I published a Post based around the significance of November in Ray’s history … and also added this link. I had to smile watching it again, as I have not seen it since that general time frame. You may just smile also!

If you have a dog lover on your Christmas list, please don’t forget my story of Ray, “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”. All net profits will go to the Oakville & Milton Human Society. See book cover over in right column to link to for more information. It is also available from other on-line book retailers, and direct from the Friesen Press Bookstore.

25 thoughts on “November Anniversary!

  1. I had never seen the video and was able to look at it on YouTube. How moving! How lovely, Collin. And what a great way to “celebrate” one’s furry friend’s birthday. Lena turns 18 sometime this month. She doesn’t want anything for her BD; we older women tend to ignore bd’s after a certain number of them, you know, but I am inspired to “do something” for our local shelter this month. Thanks for the suggestion!

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  2. I love happy endings. Just yesterday I got a semi-annual newsletter from the rescue that Gracie came from. I really like the place and the people. They only have cats at their shelter. Rescued dogs are fostered in homes. I always give an annual donation to the places my pets have come from. We have to support them so other animals can have the same outcome. As always, Ray is very handsome and so photogenic!

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  3. Yes, I smiled. How can you not at handsome Ray. πŸ™‚ But more importantly at the special story. Happy Anniversary Ray, so glad you got a forever home. Keep working your magic, I think you have successfully worked yourself into Carol and Colin’s hearts!

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