“My Song”

I know that many of you are in my general age range, and can clearly relate to the wonderful sounds of the 60s, 70s and 80s, but recent years has also produced some great songs. In 2007, Brandi Carlile released an album “The Story” on which is a possibly introspective track “My Song”. Enjoy … and be assured that there are lots of good sounds still being recorded and released!

26 thoughts on ““My Song”

  1. It’s true, the hits keep coming on. Today’s music may sound a little different from yesteryear’s, and doesn’t provoke the same memories, but some of it still sounds pretty good to my old ears. I like Brandi’s voice.

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  2. Her voice pours out such strong emotion when she sings! I have “The Story” CD and while “The Story” is my Favorite song, I really like this song too, the whole CD is great! Another artist that I am glad you introduced me too. 🙂

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