A Tale of a Tail!

There is a little dog, who shares his home with a variety of animals and birds and who has great dexterity with his paws such that he can apparently keyboard. In fact, he follows this blog regularly and occasionally dialogues with our Ray!

His name is Noodle* and, a short time ago, he became very sensitive about his tail. This Post is for you Noodle!

When Ray came to live with us, Carol took control of all the necessary supplies needed to take care of him simply because she had numerous dog experiences to draw from while I had none**. She bought a handy grooming tool marketed as Furminator. Watching her carefully combing him with it was very impressive. It was removing fur at quite a remarkable rate and, given that he appeared to be losing his winter coat, what better tool could we possibly have?

All went well until one evening when she decided that Ray was nice and settled. This was obviously a good time to groom him a bit more. He stood up, not because of any desire to cooperate, but so that he could get his imminent supply of treats if he stayed still. The stage was set, figuratively speaking, and so the show began.

I have no idea how much time she spent on his tail but I suddenly heard “Oh no! What have I done?” I went to see out of curiosity, and what I saw was a dog with a large rat-like tail. I guess she simply got carried away “in the moment” and removed most of the fur from his tail!

A day or two later, Ray made it clear that he wanted to visit his friends at OMHS ***so off we all went with me wondering how Carol was going to explain this to the people there. Their reaction was “not surprised” given the tool that she was using. They also noted that some dogs have lost far more fur than what was on their tails! The Furminator is a very effective tool but clearly must be used with some discretion!

Fortunately for Ray, and us, his fur soon grew back and he once more had a gorgeous bushy tail.


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*** Oakville & Milton Humane Society

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  1. Holy macaroni! Carol stole Ray’s tail?!?!?! OMD! Ray, I love you so much, friend, but after the grief you gave me over my tail I can’t help but laugh so hard I might pee! I wish to see pictures of this. Don’t act like the camera is broken…I know better! Sincerely, the dog with the lion tail aka Noodle

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