Uh oh! Lululemon!

Regular readers will know that one of Ray’s favorite places to visit is our downtown Lululemon store. (Searching this site for Lululemon will produce many results!)

In Ray’s early days with us, I used to take him there on a regular basis as it not only provided an opportunity for socialization which he badly needed, but getting there just after they had opened presented a safe and controllable environment. From Ray’s perspective, they simply had biscuits there especially for dogs!

He soon learned that if he went into the store and sat near the biscuit bowl, I would give him a biscuit. If he did not sit, then there was no biscuit. He was so predictable and so well-mannered that the staff liked him immediately and often commented that he was the best behaved dog they had seen in there. I was (and still am) so proud of him for making the adjustments necessary to generally fit in with our world. He was overcoming his instincts that were driven by past experiences, and becoming relatively (he still clearly has issues) sociable and amiable. As noted in a very recent Post, a number of the young ladies working at Lululemon now greet him by name and he allows a certain amount of gentle touching.

One afternoon just recently, we both took Ray out for his walk and Carol was holding his leash. We decided to let him pick the route and, not too much of a surprise, he headed for downtown and clearly in the direction of Lululemon. We went through the front door and Ray, as expected, made a sharp turn towards the biscuit bowl and sat down. I took a biscuit and gave it to him.

The store was quite busy so Ray did not yet the usual attention however, while he just sat there, I was looking around at the displays and also watching for anybody who might suddenly approach him. He eventually stood up next to Carol who was also looking around.

There must have been a brief moment when neither Carol nor I were watching him because we suddenly heard a crash! Ray had decided to take advantage of an unsupervised moment and made a dive for the biscuit bowl. The bowl, which is placed on top of a short pedestal, clattered extremely well as it hit the floor propelling its contents in all directions. It certainly drew some attention!

The sight was quite interesting because there were biscuits all over the floor, in the middle of which was Ray grabbing as many as he could. Being the size that he is, it was difficult for anybody near us to avoid watching him as he twisted and turned his 75lbs in order to scoop up this windfall! With his mouth full of biscuits, Carol quickly pulled him away from the “war zone” and, while I tidied up as best I could, she was contemplating making him give up some of his bounty.

It should be understood that while there is no way that I would put my hand in his mouth (he warned me once about being too close to his food bowl), he does allow Carol to remove undesirable things from there. This has been a real asset on numerous occasions but, this time, his whole manner dictated that this was his prize and to not even try taking it away from him! Whoever said “discretion is the better part of valor” could not have known how precise that statement was in these circumstances!

We have not been back since simply due to us having other plans, or as a result of Ray’s choice to go elsewhere, but we will be taking him back soon in order to give him an opportunity to redeem himself. Once again (hopefully) he will be the best behaved dog to visit Lululemon.

12 thoughts on “Uh oh! Lululemon!

  1. This is so cute! I love dogs and listening to dog stories 🙂 There is so much love, fun, love, games, love, fights and more love. You have written the entire experience so descriptively that I could imagine him holding onto his precious prize with all his strength. 🙂

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  2. Ah, Ray. Sounds like he decided to take a day off for good behavior. I don’t blame him. It’s hard to hold that top dog spot of perfection day in and day out. Every once in a while you just have to let loose and act like the dog you are–or the one that’s desperately fighting to come out.
    No doubt he’ll leap back to his well-mannered spot in no time.

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  3. Maybe he just got tired of waiting for the attention he’s clearly used to and expected to be “served” earlier. Yup, rather stay away from a dog’s food bowl – that’s good advice.

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  4. I think dogs are such a great example of creatures that are in the moment. Although you feel it was only a second you had your eyes off of him, it was a weeks worth of planning in Ray’s head. Well executed I might add! 🍗

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  5. I love this story! I also know all the shops that have biscuits for me, and I try to stop in every time we pass them. But my People don’t always comply with my wishes. Sadly, I am too small to ever reach the biscuit jar by myself, so I don’t think I can replicate Ray’s feat, but I would certainly love to if I could.

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  6. Whenever we have visited a pet shop. Maggie is content to sniff, but she has never ‘seized the moment’ to pinch. Like Ray, she will sit down and look hopefully. Even walking through the market where the pet stalls have their wares in boxes on the floor (pigs ears, smoked marrow bones etc), she has shown an initial interest, but walked away. Guess Ray was extra hungry that day to try his luck!
    Now my Mum’s dog from yesteryear was partial to walnuts (still in their shells). You could leave ANYTHING edible on the table and he wouldn’t touch it, but if there were walnuts in the bowl? They didn’t stand a chance, and she’d find the empty shells everywhere..

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