Let Sleeping Dogs … Part I

Ray gets himself into some rather odd resting positions.

Based on a number of comments in various blogs, this is clearly not limited to Ray so I am comfortable in assuming that it is a general “canine thing”!

I was going to note that these habits are shared with cats however, there is an important difference (at least based on my experience). Whereas they are both capable of resting in the strangest of places, the cat invariably finds a position which at least looks quite comfortable whereas a dog ……………?

Ray was originally discouraged from getting onto the furniture, but we relaxed that expectation when we saw how methodical and gentle he was when getting up to join us once! Possibly his size gives him a distinct advantage as he can effortlessly get up onto a chair or the sofa. A smaller dog would no doubt have to pull itself up, or take a flying leap, which could potentially puncture and tear the fabric.

An earlier Post* included a pic of him stretched out on the sofa where clearly he fitted very well however, if he chooses the matching chair, he can become very “creative”. His most logical position (from my perspective) on the chair is to simply curl up and, in that position, he fits between the arms very well.

2015 03 Chair nap3Sometimes however, he has his head resting on an arm which would also seem to be a reasonably logical position as his head is elevated a little and totally supported. It makes sense.

2015 03 21 sun

In both of the above pics, he has got himself into a reasonably compact form and his body is in a position that, from my perspective, makes sense. But then we get a positions that ……………………………well ………………………………… stay tuned!

*Refer “Unspoken Thoughts!” – Feb 26, 2014


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