Let Sleeping Dogs … Part II

In Part I*, I covered Ray’s more understandable resting positions in our living room.

This chair must be close to perfect for him, at least in the areas of comfort and fit, but I was surprised when I saw him in this position: 2015 02 23 12 Clearly his head is supported, and he is presumably very comfortable …. but the legs! Whereas I, being a “mobile” sleeper, no doubt take up many positions during a night’s sleep, I am pretty certain that having arms and legs extended out straight is not one of them.

It was not very long before Ray took creative sleeping positions to a whole new level and I can only suggest that you use your imagination to understand how I felt when going into our living room and seeing this! 2015 02 23 1   He certainly added a touch of humor to that day! Again, I can only assume that he had himself wedged into the chair such that it felt really comfortable and must therefore conclude that he feels extremely secure here! The living room has certainly provided some entertaining sleeping positions but then …………….. see Part III

*Refer “Let Sleeping Dogs …” Part I

14 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs … Part II

  1. Dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE sleeping in ridiculous positions. There is not a morning I wake up to find our dog Nikita on her back next to me in bed with her feet straight up in the air. I always chuckle and say to myself “Hand Up!” If it works for you, I would go for it. We all want to be comfortable when we nap, right?

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    • Absolutely! Of course we must apply the simple logic that if they get themselves into some weird sleeping position, they have to be comfortable otherwise they wouldn’t have got themselves into that position in the first place!

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      • I like watching them configure their legs into position too. Bella uses her legs to “push” herself into the correct position that she wants. For dogs, it must be logical, for me watching them, I think it is hilarious to watch.

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  2. That 4 feet in the air (like he just don’t care!) position is a hoot!! It amazes me how dogs can get into such small balls. I call them ‘cinnapups’ as they look like cinnabuns when they do that.

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  3. Apart from the size, this could well be Maggie. She tends to sleep with all four feet straight out sometimes, and your second picture is what we term as the ‘pure bliss’ position. This proves that Ray sure is one contented dog, and I’m sending him a hug by proxy as he’s so cute.:)

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