A disturbed night!

My nights are generally broken for a number of predictable reasons, one of which is a neighbor who sometimes has to leave for work around 4:30am. I generally then go back to sleep until around 5:00am when I usually wake up totally “wired” and ready to start my day* Continue reading

A Good Night’s Sleep?

Ray’s night time sleeping habits are predictably unpredictable! We have no idea where he will sleep, or how often he will change his location during the night. We do know that we will find him in the morning in either the kitchen, the living room, or somewhere in between. Continue reading

Let Sleeping Dogs … Part III

Ray has a rectangular cushioned bed in the end of our kitchen which he uses most nights and sometimes during the day. He could curl up on it quite easily, if he wanted to, but he often chooses not to. Instead he stretches out to his full length which dictates part of him is off the bed. Continue reading