A dog named Beau!

This Post was a quick change of plan!

Carol came across this short video (from apparently 1981) and thought that I would like it. I did!

It is a poem, written and read by Jimmy Stewart, about his dog Beau. While I would not tend to rate his poetic writing very highly, his delivery is quite wonderful and I needed Kleenex at the end. If you have not seen it before, I hope you get the same tearful pleasure as I did.

You have seen it before? Well I’ve seen it a number of times now and have grabbed a Kleenex and/or wiped my eyes every time! Enjoy!


My apologies for this brief diversion but, I can assure you, the next Post will focus on our beloved Ray!

7 thoughts on “A dog named Beau!

  1. What a great poem. I don’t know…what is a great poem? If it brings emotion …. would certainly be a plus. 🙂 I read a lot of poems in WP and know they would all be better if I could hear the poet read his own poems.

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    • I think a great poem creates an emotional response, but that of course is influenced by the personality of the listener/reader. I guess a really great poem (to me) is one which generates an emotional response when I am reading it. Seems to me that whether a poem is good or bad is not much different to comparing wines. If the taste is pleasing, it is good.

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