Let Sleeping Dogs … Part IV

Having ascertained that Ray has no obvious problem with chilling out at anytime and anywhere, this final Post in this mini-series should be of no surprise to anybody!

The pic below simply confirms that not only will he settle down anywhere (I cannot imagine curling up on a thin mat on a hardwood floor!), but strategy is certainly a factor in his choice of locations. Above him is the main kitchen area where food is prepared, and we have learned the hard way that anything that falls to the floor becomes his. There’s not even a fight for it because by the time we have noticed the item falling, he has it in his mouth!

2013 03 17an

This final pic would appear to contradict some of the assumptions of the earlier Posts! There is no food nearby. Nothing is likely to be happening near him, and he does not have the “solid feel” of a floor beneath him. He is elevated off the floor. Is he sick?

He may not have been feeling too good because the pic was taken not long after he adopted us and moved in, so his heartworms would have been active inside him. Of course there may have also been a desire to please us impacting his decision. The fact that he allowed us to tuck him in with his blanket would suggest that cooperation was on his mind.

2013 04 11c

In retrospect, I think that he simply wanted to stay and so was on his best behavior! The “honeymoon” was soon over however, and he quickly lost interest in the white bed!

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  1. Love these – and Choppy manages to find any rug on a hard floor. I think she would prefer anything soft over the floor, even if it is small and doesn’t fit her whole self on it! It strikes me as a rather feline thing to do – perhaps our dogs have a bit of cat in them (but don’t tell Choppy I suggested that).

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