The Life of a Celeb!

A question was recently asked about how Ray handles his celebrity* status, acknowledging that the puparazzi are everywhere. It can be difficult for him however, with a little help from some old clothes and the inevitable dark glasses, he does get some privacy.

Unfortunately, he has not mastered the skills of keeping the dark glasses on his head, nor seeing through them when walking, but we have to admit that he can look very cool!

2014 07 26 1“Hey! Pinky! You don’t know me right?”

Here he is dressed as the typical gardener and, with pink flamingo and watering can …….. would you have guessed he was a celebrity?

Then of course, what celebrity does not have the casual sweater look?

2013 12 08aJust stretched out on the floor like this and he could pass off as pretty much any dog from the old crooning days when sweaters were the norm to create that warm and huggy image.

Ray handles his celeb status very well and, if the puparazzi do come too close to him, then he has the voice, the mouth and the teeth to deal with them!

*See “Celebrity Ray” – June 4, 2015 & “The Oakville Beaver” – March 18, 2015

17 thoughts on “The Life of a Celeb!

  1. Well, now. Ray is looking quite dapper in his outfits, and I can see why he would need them to evade the puparazzi, 🙂 Truly, he looks quite comfortable in his threads, so maybe you’ve got a “dog model” on your hands, 🙂 I have lots of clothes for Charlie, and when he was younger I used to put them on him quite a bit. However, now whenever he sees me coming with something to slip over his head … well, he cuts and runs! 🙂 Have a wonderful day, Colin (and Ray). [Had to tip the old iPad vertically to get in this last line and also so I could “post” this comment, LOL.] 🙂

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    • It has nothing to do with self respect, and everything to do with being spoiled. It’s the human “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” syndrome which, in my history of numerous cats, is a concept that they (cats) never grasped!

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  2. Wow Choppy, you’re looking a bit manish these days. . Oh! Ray?!! I didn’t recognize you there in the garden! Great disguise 😉

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