The Threat (Part 2 of 2)

As we approached the tree he slowed down a little and every movement seemed so calculated. We were both looking everywhere for “the threat” but saw nothing to justify his behaviour. He moved on passed the tree and then we saw it!


Just beyond the tree and sitting firmly on the grass by the side of the road there it was, facing us with arms extended. It was casting shadows such that it could well have been seen as rather menacing. Ray approached with extreme trepidation so I decided to speed up the process and walked up to it and just stood there next to it.

Ray seemed to reluctantly accept that it was probably not a threat to any of us, and also slowly approached it. After a cursory examination, we were free to move on!

The following day we took Ray back (I had my camera!) as we felt that a picture could really add another dimension this Post. Ray was still not happy as we steered towards “the threat” but, after another examination, he decided that perhaps it was harmless after all!

P1070709Thinking back to seeing it in semi darkness, and with a nearby street light casting shadows from the arms, he would not have known what it was. With a little imagination there is a mouth, and possibly a face with ears which could have really put him into alert mode! Poor Ray! He can be forgiven for jumping to wrong conclusions, but he really needs more exposure to our society!

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42 thoughts on “The Threat (Part 2 of 2)

  1. I can definitely say that of all the things going through my mind, I was nowhere close to guessing what the “threat” actually was!! So glad it was so harmless, but poor Ray in being afraid. Things really can look very different in the dark. I have already spooked myself a couple times with some crazy things!

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  2. I’ve seen Sam’s hackles raised at so-called similar threats that crack me up. Usually it’s just a limb that broke off one of the big trees or an errant plastic bag but it sure seems to spell ‘Danger Will Robinson’ in Sam’s little brain. I try to remind myself to be grateful for the vigilance though and it usually works unless there’s incessant barking with that pose. 😉

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  3. My thing is: the cable box that is in the corner of the yard, partially hidden by trees. Mom has explained over and over that there is just a reflective strip; it’s NOT the eyes of a lurking monster BUT!!! I am not taking any chances. Woof!

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  4. Hahaha bless him..have just caught up after being zonked all yesterday,…i bet i would be nervous of that in the semi dark too..looks like a weird creature indeed..funny when we tried to get Forrest out of his lack of joy at other dogs we had him in training and the trainer had a stuffed dog on the other side of the room..i said well this is stupid..sure enough when he got closer he was beside himself..perception to us is maybe a tad different 🙂

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    • I am constantly amazed at how important Ray has become to me and, of course, you already know about that realization from your own experience. In your case, K9 has even figured prominently in your writings! Without him as an inspiration, your stories would be very different! 🙂

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  5. Nice…..Poor Ray, not knowing what it was in the half light.
    I remember Maggie stalking something on the river bank in Lincolnshire, going down on her tummy and slowly creeping towards it, nose extended but ready to spring back. It was an overturned canoe being used by the environment team who were checking out the water and fish population.

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