Understanding Ray?

I was not planning on another “poop post”, but Ray set another precedent which cannot be overlooked.

He has this habit of finding really obscure places to squat and poop, and the most inconvenient (and quite baffling) one is when he squats over ornamental grasses. The end result, at this time of year when the grass stems are generally rigid, is probably best described as poop kebabs! They are humorous until you try to extract them off the stems and into a bag!

Going downtown the other day, and as much as we coaxed him to poop at all the spots where he has gone in the past, timing was obviously not in our favor. Then we turned a corner around a very exclusive apartment complex which overlooks the harbor, and the ornamental gardens there included very tall grasses.

Ray had no hesitation in going in and peeing on one of the grasses, and then he spent some time sniffing out other plants. We were patiently waiting for him to decide to move on when he suddenly headed for another tall grass plant. These plants were around 4 feet in height and, fortunately for Ray, were a little flexible (as a result of our unseasonable temperatures) because he climbed into one and squatted.

It was one of those “I wish I had my camera with me” moments. He had pushed half the grasses to one side such that he was squatting pretty much over the center of the plant. Fortunately, cleaning up after him was not a problem as the stems flexed sufficiently to allow his poops to fall to the ground!

I would love to understand the rationale that says the perfect place to squat and poop is over the top of a plant! Of course, I would also love to understand the rationale that dictates squatting on a slope is a preferred position!


In retrospect though, we recently caught Ray standing alongside a fire hydrant (it was on his left), and then raising his right leg! We’re never going to understand him!


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