The Cheese Shop

When we go north on the main street near our home, we have (on our side of the road) Fantastico Pizza and the Fairy Dog Mother stores.

They are both favorite places for Ray, such that his habit is to sit outside until they either bring him out a few slices of pepperoni (Fantastico Pizza), or invite him in for a handful of treats (Fairy Dog Mother)!

This only becomes a problem when the stores are closed as Ray would appear to be quite happy just sitting and waiting for somebody to show up. We tend to negotiate our way out of those situations so that we can continue with our walk!

We sometimes intentionally take Ray up the other side of the street in order to avoid him taking too much advantage of their generosity, and allowing us to have a less eventful walk. Unfortunately, up that side of the street is a fresh fish store with owners who love dogs also. He was given treats there once and occasionally goes to their door when we pass, but often just walks past without any show of interest.

A few stores up from the fish store is a new store which specializes in cheeses, and I went in there a couple of weeks ago to see what they had and to sample a few. Carol stayed outside with Ray, much to his disgust because he loves cheese.

We didn’t think any more about that situation until the other day. We had stopped at Fantastico Pizza at the beginning of our walk and Ray received his usual pepperoni treats. We then detoured a little bit because there were a couple of other stores that we needed to go in, and then we headed back towards home. We did not want to disrupt Fantastico Pizza any further so we came down the other side of the road after all, the only possible issue was going to be the fish store. Wrong!

As soon as we got close to the cheese store, Ray pulled us right up to the front door; sat down, and stared at the staff in there. I could see one of the ladies looking at Ray a little bewildered, but amused, so I thought that I should go into the store and explain why this large dog was sitting out there and staring at them.

The two ladies in the store were dog owners and so could relate to the situation! After exchanging dog stories, I then left the store and was greeted by a very excited Ray however, they had not given me any cheese samples for him. I think that he was quite disappointed.

Will he drag us there the next time we pass, or will he remember the “no cheese samples” experience? My guess is that he will give them a second chance to get to know him!


21 thoughts on “The Cheese Shop

  1. Too funny! Sounds just like Chance… When we visit the drive thru of a local coffee shop, he knows he gets a treat…now he thinks he’s entitled to one at every stop we make. ‘Sorry buddy, the ATM isn’t gonna give out any cookies.’ Ha!

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  2. I agree with you…Ray, being the kind being that he is, will probably give the cheese shop the benefit of the doubt. He’s probably thinking his way through why he didn’t get cheese. “Maybe they ran out again…” “Maybe they are saving the best cheese for next time…” Also, he probably is aware that no one can resist Ray’s charm for long…so maybe next time… 😉

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