Ray’s Anniversary

On March 15, being Ray’s 3rd anniversary with us, we took him to “his” Humane Society so that he could see Heather (his favorite person there), and anybody else who had treats to give him!

We also put together a “card” celebrating this day, and not only gave them a box of home made cookies for their current dogs, but also some cookies for the staff and volunteers there. Needless to say, it was all very well received.

2016 03 15 annivRED

They are just so good to him and love his visits. Obviously Ray picks up on all that from their body language and responds accordingly. A good time was had by all!

29 thoughts on “Ray’s Anniversary

    • They do really love to have follow up news and visits. It would appear however, that the majority of adoptions just don’t bother to keep in touch which is a real shame. Ray loves to visit and see his friends; they love to see him, and we get to learn so much from the interactions. I still find it amazing that they still show a personal interest in him, and will always offer insight into any issues we have…. and we adopted him 3 years ago. I cannot imagine any breeder, or pet store, offering that kind of service! 🙂

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    • How could we not? The staff and volunteers are always so appreciative. We’re happy that they are so supportive of Ray and, most importantly, Ray is so happy to visit them regularly. In business jargon, it’s a “win-win-win” situation! 🙂

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    • He really did. It was a 45 minute walk there; he stayed for around 20 minutes being spoiled; then a 45 minute walk to our mailbox; then a 5 minute walk home. He crashed on the sofa when we got home! He was a happy and tired “boy”! 🙂


    • Yes he really has changed. From his “flat/non-expressive face” to a myriad of expressions. From a firmly closed mouth to a generally open and relaxed mouth. We are obviously very proud of him! 🙂

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