Ray – The Book update 8

Ray – The Book update 7 has raised some points in my mind so I am going to expand on that Post.

Our town (Oakville) was created long before I was born, and was founded on the potential offered by Sixteen Mile Creek meeting Lake Ontario. Sixteen Mile Creek offered water to power mills, and Lake Ontario provided flat stones for use in construction. The town was subsequently built around a harbor. To this day, Sixteen Mile Creek runs through the town centre (well close) and winds its way generally northwards.

Our home is located about 5 minutes walk away from Sixteen Mile Creek and, at that point, I would guess that we are about 60 to 80ft above it (no flooding problems here in a heavy downpour!)

The trail noted in the “update 7” Post is accessed after about a  20 minute walk northwards, and with our route continually climbing. I am going to guess that the noted lookout platform must be around 150-200ft above Sixteen Mile Creek. The “drop” from the lookout platform is close to vertical and, with the tops of trees directly below us, would hold little hope of anybody surviving a fall from there.

Interestingly enough, we have another creek (Bronte Creek) west of us and with similar characteristics.  Bronte Creek trails are often used by dog owners who want their dog to run off leash, and we have read accounts of dogs disappearing and never seen again (significant coyote population around) but, equally disturbing, are the reports of dogs slipping off the trail edge and plunging to whatever fate awaits them far below.

Despite this geography, and regardless of these terrible incidents, there still appears to be a constant supply of dog owners who have left their brains at home. Albert Einstein was right. Human stupidity knows no limits.


10 thoughts on “Ray – The Book update 8

  1. There were several dog walks along the cliff tops in both Bournemouth and West Bay. I can remember reports of several dogs falling having been chasing balls or frisbees thrown by their (stupid and thoughtless) owners. Maggie gave us our own heartstopping moment at the quarry when she was just a pup. Hubby had trained her to react immediately to ‘No!’ If preceeded by her name, she knows the urgency and stops in her tracks. This saved her life from a thirty something foot fall.

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