A bump in the night!

When you have a Ray in the house, a bump in the night would be expected to be quickly followed by some barking. I really don’t think that he would distinguish (at least initially) between an intruder, a tree branch falling onto the roof, or something inside just falling over however, I am relatively confident that persistent barking would dictate a more serious kind of problem.

The other night I woke up, just after 3:00am, to hear a muffled thump from somewhere inside the house. I was immediately alert, and listened for any other sounds such as Ray barking, but there was nothing. The noise sounded how I imagined a sack of potatoes would sound if it fell over onto a wooden floor.

At just after 3:00am, I am only prepared to get out of bed for a dire emergency, or a bathroom visit and, as neither was apparent, I went back to sleep! In the morning, I had a brief check around the house for anything that could have caused the sound… but found nothing.

The following evening, Ray had joined us both on the sofa after dinner and was clearly very comfortable. Unfortunately (I think), Carol had some work to do, as did I, so we both went to our respective laptops and left Ray on the sofa. It didn’t take him long to stretch out and take full advantage of the situation.

Much later that evening, I was thinking about going to bed and, as I walked through to say my “goodnight”, I noticed that Ray’s head was jammed up against the back of the sofa, and his rear was partially off the front. In fact his tail was hanging down the front of the sofa! Just for a brief moment, I smiled at the thought of him going through his normal full body stretch routine, because he would almost certainly have ended up sliding off the sofa and onto the floor!

I bet he would sound much like a sack of potatoes falling over onto a wooden floor, and he would probably feel no urge to bark. I think I may have explained that bump in the night!

16 thoughts on “A bump in the night!

  1. That’s super funny! It’s amazing the random things our dogs do. It seems as though every single one feels the need to take advantage of space! We’ve trained our guy that he is only allowed on our bed when invited, so in the morning if one of us has to get up first they invite Jack up to snuggle in with the other. It never fails within ten minutes my 60lbs dog, half the size of me somehow has claimed 3/4 of the queen size bed!

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    • We have often been amazed at how compact Ray can be (when it suits him), which is in sharp contrast to big he can be (when it suits him)! They seem to have an incredible stretching ability. Ray often totally takes over my bed, and leaves no space for me!

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  2. I laughed out loud on this one. I find it amusing when Kali, or any dog, does something that a human would find embarrassing such as tripping or falling out of bed. I always wonder if they experience a form of embarrassment (probably not). But there have been times when I have been sure that under these circumstances I catch a trace of embarrassment in Kali’s eyes. She’ll trip or bang into something and then look at me as if to say, “what”, or “oops…”. If Ray was indeed that “sack of potatoes” and fell off the couch he may have been glad that it was the middle of the night with no one to see it. On the other more likely hand he probably just crawled back up and fell back asleep without giving it a second thought.

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    • It is interesting to wonder whether embarrassment is in their emotional bank. I would suspect not because to be embarrassed, you have to measure yourself against some pre-defined behavior which is culture based. However, dogs do seem to have a very guilty look when caught doing something wrong so who knows. Your final sentence would be my guess as to how it worked out!


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