Dog Motivation!

We were recently forecast  a mixture of snow, rain, and freezing rain. Fortunately, and at the time of writing this, our trees only had a thin coating of ice so we were not expecting any problems with falling tree limbs. The weather projection was rain for the rest of day so hopefully it would just run itself down the drains!

In the morning, after I had given Ray his breakfast, I looked out of our back window and saw that our garden was white which, based on the forecast, I assumed was a mixture of snow and freezing rain.

Ray clearly had to go outside “to do his thing”, so I put on my winter boots and some layers of clothes and coaxed him outside. He was very hesitant, but did eventually go through the door and then stayed on the back porch at the top of the steps.

I really have no idea what he thought was going to happen, and he certainly knew that he had to go, so I took the first few steps into the garden. I was walking in a slushy mixture of snow and ice pellets and water and, upon looking back, saw Ray watching me from the porch!

“C’mon Ray… pee and poop buddy!”

You have to understand that Ray’s usual routine at this point is to wander around the garden, checking out his usual pee spots, and deciding which one to use at that time. After that he will either amble over to his usual poop area, or occasionally he will have a quick “zoomie” which we assume probably loosens things up a little for him. Note that, with the exception of the occasional “zoomie”, everything is quite laid-back and there is certainly no rush.

“C’mon Ray… you have to pee and poop!”

He slowly came down the wooden steps but, as he touched the slush, he went off around the garden like a rocket! It was a “zoomie” of impressive proportions and he soon ended up in his poop area where he squatted, did what he had to, and then leaped over to an inviting shrub; peed on it, and then dashed back up and on to the back porch where he waited for me to let him in! The whole process, once he started moving, probably took less than 2 minutes!

Snow + ice pellets + rain = huge motivation to get it done asap!


26 thoughts on “Dog Motivation!

  1. LOL! Our girls always take forever to do their business as well. But what is funny is that when it is raining or wet outside they stand at the door for a split second and run back inside the house lol
    A friend of mine taught her dogs to poop on command…I wish! Haha!

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  2. When weather is inclement, Sam will watch me (shivering under the garage eaves, mind you) from the covered patio and I have to practically drag him out to do his business. The dog HATES to get wet and always give me the pathetic eye look as if he is being tortured. He’s so dramatic [insert eye roll here]. 😉

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