I was sitting at my laptop wondering about today’s Post as my “Post Bank” was empty, and I was thinking how photogenic so many dogs seemed to be. Although it surprised me (not having a history of dogs in my life), it really shouldn’t because they have no clue about a camera.

Unlike so many people who see a camera and immediately pose and lose all spontaneity, a dog will just wonder what you are doing… and the rest is simple trust on the part of the dog.

I wanted to include a photo of Ray but, every time I found a really good one that supports the subject of this Post, I checked with the WP Gallery… and there it was, already in a Post some time ago.

There was a brief shuffling sound coming from the other room and so I poked my head around the door, and there was Ray, stretched out and totally absorbed in our sofa! He looked so comfortable! It then crossed my mind that Ray’s life is a kind of “rags to riches” story… and then I knew which photo to include. It has absolutely nothing to with photogenic qualities but everything to do with his life because, at least from our perspective, this is where it all started.2013 02 25When I think about his life since then, I am in awe because he has:

Impacted our lives incredibly – Impacted the staffΒ  and volunteers at the Humane Society – Been used as a “poster boy” for fundraising – featured in a heart worm prevention video – is loved by staff at so many businesses – has overcome his fear of other people and dogs – has had a book written about him – was the basis for starting up this BlogΒ  in 2014, and has educated and entertained so many people as a result!

He has gone from a teenager to a middle-age adult (from our perspective) and has already had a positive impact on so many people!

Way to go Ray! I can only wait with excitement to see how your life develops from here but be assured that, wherever it takes you, we will be with you all the way buddy!



14 thoughts on “Nostalgia!

  1. As much as I’ve come to expect wonder and inspiration from dogs it never ceases to amaze me how wonderful they are. Since we both blog about dogs there is some irony in the fact that the impact of a dog one’s life transcends words.

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    • I agree. Whereas I do not profess to understand the finer points of a canine/human relationship, it certainly can be quite magical. Of course, like any relationship, what you get out of it will tend to be proportional to what you put into it! πŸ™‚

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  2. And I am so thankful that Yule and I have found your blog. I have found support from your writings and it is interesting to realize that a dog can make you wake up and realize that the path we thought we were on needs to take a little diversion as man and canine become more in sync.

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  3. Awww! One of you rescued the other (and I’m not sure which) but it has a happy ending. I did note there was no mention of Rottweiler in the description. In this picture I can clearly see German Shepherd. Maybe the ears are Lab-like? You are right about dogs. I even think they enjoy getting their picture taken. Cats are another story. As soon as they see the camera they either give me their back end or high tail it off to under the bed. Maybe I pester them too much.

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