Ray – The Book update 10

The book is in the very final stages before being released. I just had a long chat with my contact at Friesen Press, and am continually amazed at all the stuff I never thought about when publishing a book!

All the final corrections/changes have been done, but then the question was asked about the origin of the photographs. No problems there as they are all our originals. This was followed by the question of whether I have quoted anybody in the book. Ummmmm… yes. There is a story in there that was related to me sometime ago! “Well you are going to need their permission to use it!” Quick email to the person involved and crossing fingers for a quick and positive response!

Then we had to talk about encryption to avoid pirate copies from being downloaded, and a website designed for, and targeted at, everybody in the book business (running two websites should be fun!).

I have just formally signed off on the front and back cover pics and text, and will do the same with the body of the book as soon as I get permission (re earlier paragraph).

When all that is wrapped up, we are apparently going to talk about pricing and, after that discuss how to best market it.

Actually writing the book was so much easier! 🙂



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  1. Fantastic news, Colin. I’ve spoken with Freisen Press myself and was completely overwhelmed at all the ancillary do-da involved with publishing. My dream of publishing a book is now on hiatus for the time being till I can sort out some of the necessary details. Whew-my hat’s off to you for going the distance. Onward for you!

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    • Hi Maria – I just got permission to include that story (ref Post) and have just signed off the book. The “Finish Line” is in sight, but just need that final sprint!


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