A Subdued Dude!

Our Ray is being a bit of a subdued dude at the moment, and we have no idea why.

Our weather is rather erratic so perhaps he is responding to varying air pressures? We have a couple of storms heading our way so perhaps he is already sensing them?

He has shown a distinct lack of enthusiasm to go anywhere and, even yesterday, appeared to come out with us (for his walk!) rather reluctantly. Fortunately, his “bodily functions” seem normal and, as far as we know, he hasn’t eaten anything peculiar so we are at a bit of a loss!


We’ll give him a few more days to sort himself out and then, if no change, I think it will be time to steal some of his blood and see if anything is amiss there.



18 thoughts on “A Subdued Dude!

  1. It could be a weather thing. Maggie is sensitive to pending storms but tends to get anxious rather than subdued. She’s a little tired lately, and stiff in her back joints, but the weather here has been damp and cold, so that could be it. Like you, we are keeping a careful eye on her to make sure she’s OK. Hope Ray picks up soon. ❤

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