He’s baaaaaack!

We had a bit of snow yesterday and took Ray down to the lake, and along the lake edge trail, after which we circled our way back home. When we were just leaving a park Ray decided to have a “zoomie”. 

He hasn’t done that for a few days now so, as awkward as it is to have an airborne Ray on the end of a leash, we were pleased to see him going crazy! Perhaps he just likes the snow?

When we got back home, I suggested that Carol sees if he will play in the back garden, and I would go and get my camera… just in case. I think we can happily conclude that he’s feeling his normal self once again!

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18 thoughts on “He’s baaaaaack!

    • Hi Maria – I can do but, because at that moment he was in mid-air and pouncing on his “blue thing”, it is not particularly sharp re focus. His “blue thing” had just landed after hitting the tree so he was just about to get it (and take it back to Carol).


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