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2016 04 1aa

He is still a subdued dude, but he seemed to be relatively happy about going to the bank with us yesterday. He was offered a large biscuit there, which he did not decline! That’s a good sign!

Once we were home, he crashed for a while and then suddenly got his “purple footed cow” (a favorite toy) and proceed to shake it around for a minute or two.

This morning, he very efficiently ensured that his routine was followed. I was a bit slower than usual with my routines, but he was sitting in his den waiting for his biscuit when I went into the kitchen. He also made it quite clear that toast was next in the routine, and he expected one small piece from each slice!

In general we’re not too concerned about him, but will obviously be monitoring him for a while.

15 thoughts on “Ray Update

    • Hi Lexi – I’ll be okay in a day or two. I think it might be the running, followed by all my meals suddenly being an hour earlier, and then our weather can’t make up its mind what it is doing! Woof! Ray.

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  1. Glad to see a post today Colin. It could be Ray overtired his muscles the other day as sargentmt suggests. Maggie is older than Ray and has been ploddy for the last couple of days, but she was pleased to see Tuppy’s daddy this morning and had a little rush down the pontoon to greet him. Then this afternoon coming back from town we stopped at the avenue and she had a little chase of a couple of blackbirds. She’s flaked now, but content, having had a full dinner. Give Ray a pat and hug from me. 🙂

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  2. Ray certainly has a follower here. When Yule jumped up on my bed this morning I was wondering if there might be a post from you, but figured it was Sunday and I wouldn’t find an update. Glad to hear he is doing a little better. Maybe he didn’t care for the jog the other day, or his muscles are still recooping.

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    • Your last sentence may well be the issue. He has more of a Rotti personality (more laid back than a typical Shepherd) and he has had running issues before (details in his book!), the confusing area though is that he has enjoyed some running recently. We’ll work it out eventually! 🙂

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