Two Short Stories!

Story No. 1:  I woke up at my usual time (well actually it was 4:45am so a little earlier than usual), and I put my bedside lamp on so that I could get a bit of light in the living room/dining room area. This is normal routine simply because treading on Ray would not be a good experience, and he can be quite mobile some nights!

As I went into the living room, the sofa and chair had no expanse of fur to tell me where he was but, as I looked around the corner, I saw him on his round bed. Given the lack of any significant light in that area, I was quite surprised at how visible he was. Ray’s underside is a very light beige color, and he was on his back, with his back legs “spread-eagled”. What little light there was simply “highlighted” his underside!

This is not the first time that he has slept like that, but I always have to smile at him when I see it. Here is a dog who had serious fear anxiety, and a multitude of other issues, presumably feeling very comfortable and secure in our home. What more could anybody ask?


Story No. 2: Ray has always seemed to enjoy going in the car and, while he was sometimes hesitant to get in, a treat thrown in would ensure that Ray followed. Once inside, he either looked through a window, or rested his head as close to the center console as he could reach.

We recently went to a local nursery to buy some bags of topsoil for the garden and, while I was finding what I wanted and paying for it, Carol and Ray were wandering around. Once I had my receipt, the store procedure was that I would drive to a nearby area where the bags were stacked and load up.

We decided that Carol and Ray would go over to the topsoil bags area, and I would go and get the car and meet them there. From my perspective, everything went fine, but not so with Carol. Apparently Ray became quite distressed when he saw me drive off!

We didn’t grasp the full ramifications of that until the final bags were being loaded, and Carol was trying to coax Ray into the car while I locked up the back. He was simply not going to jump in! I opened the driver’s door and got in and there was an immediate noise of activity behind me. He was in!

We concluded that he was not going to risk splitting the pack again and, further, was not going to let me drive off without them!

He takes his perceived pack/family responsibilities so seriously that who could not love this “guy”?

19 thoughts on “Two Short Stories!

  1. We call this the Pure Bliss position, where the dog feels totally at ease in their surroundings and thus exposes the most vulnerable part of their body (the belly). It is lovely to see them so relaxed.
    And yes, I can imagine the other scenario too, knowing how much Maggie hates it when we separate. Sometimes we’ll stop off at the Avenue for her to have a wee and one of us will walk her back. She’s taken to watching the car all the time and if it draws away, she doesn’t move at all. It takes some coaching to get her mobile again to perform, but once she realises she’s not alone, she’s usually OK.

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  2. AWW! This just adds to my sentimental morning! Ray knew what he was doing when he picked you both as his adoptive parents 🙂 Nice to know how relaxed he can feel at his home in spite of his other issues. That is what homes are supposed to be. A refuge from our anxieties. And LOL about him not getting in the car. Yes, it does appear that he takes the family pack very seriously!

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