Ray – Runner???

Ray has never displayed any consistent tendencies towards running, unless there is prey as motivation… and then he’ll due 0 to 60 mph in seconds!

Both Carol and I have run for quite a few years for recreational reasons, and the thought of having Ray run with us goes back to when we adopted him. We quickly found out that his German Shepherd running genes seemed to have been overshadowed by his Rottweiler easy-going genes!

A few days ago, Carol decided to go for a run, and thought that she would try it with Ray (yet again!). Apparently he ran across the street to where a neighbor was working in her garden (any treats?) and that was it! He was not going to run from there without a battle. Carol was not prepared to do battle and so brought him home to stay with me, while I finished off some decorating in the basement, and she went off on her run.

He was very vocal and mobile for about 10 minutes, and clearly that was not the outcome he expected, but he did eventually settle down. I came upstairs periodically to check on him, but otherwise ignored him so that he might understand that nothing was gained by his actions.

When Carol came back from her run, he expressed his displeasure as expected.  He was so vocal that we’re pretty sure the neighbors were wondering what we were doing to him! Carol decided to go out again and take Ray with her this time, just to see whether his attitude would change. She did not go far, because she had already run, but Ray was running right next to her. She only went around the block, but Ray was with her all the way. She was not going to get away again!

It will be interesting to see whether he remembers this experience, or whether it will take a few repeats before he “gets the message”. We have no problems with him providing input into our choices, but to try and dominate them is doomed to failure. He just doesn’t quite see that yet!

Update: A run with Ray yesterday failed so, once again, he was left with me. He’ll “get it” eventually!

15 thoughts on “Ray – Runner???

    • Ray has always tried to manipulate the world to his liking! We’ll have to wait and see what happens re his running and, if he is consistently stopping (and who knows what the reason could be?), then we’ll just back away from the idea.

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  1. I am sure Ray will learn, he is a smart dog. I think you guys are handling it just right. I am like Ray tho, only run when absolutely have to. Not after prey, but if being chased, or some emergency reason to run!

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    • Well that’s how positive reinforcement training is used to discipline. There is no “vindictive” discipline as used to be common. We simply remove something that he wants. In this example, he simply lost the pleasure of Carol’s company. It will take him a few repeats, but he will eventually grasp the concept! He used to bark at us when he wanted treats… but to no avail however, if he went to his bed upon request and stayed really quiet, he got treats. Now he no longer barks, but just goes to his bed and stays very quiet when he thinks treats are in order! 🙂

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    • There is no doubt in my mind that Ray is trying to train us! While I don’t suppose for one moment that it is a conscious thought on his part, he does seem to have a perspective that the world should revolve around him wherever feasible! Yes… I have known a few people like that as well! 🙂

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