Book Promo time!

Now that Ray’s book is officially “out there”, it is time to do what I can to let the world know that it exists!

At this point in time, one obligation I have is to recognize everybody, and every business, that has been involved with Ray… hence the recent gifts of a copy of the book to key people at the Oakville & Milton Humane Society. Not only was it a pleasure to say “thank you” to them for all they have done for Ray, but if they enjoy reading about him, they may well promote the book to colleagues, family and friends!

Anybody who uses the search field on this Blog and enters Lululemon, will see a considerable list of Posts that mention the store. Lululemon has been a store that has always welcomed Ray, and the staff were sufficiently interested to ask about him and his background.  In Ray’s early visits there, they kept a respectful distance but still gave him lots of friendly body language which he slowly responded to as he became more confident that all was well. There have been a couple of “lunge and bark” incidents, but the staff were undeterred and still treated him like the special dog that he is.

They have made a considerable positive impact over the past 3 years as we worked on Ray’s insecurities, and his social skills, and were therefore on my list of businesses that deserve a book copy. The book was given to them a few days ago, and obviously included a note thanking all the staff for the attention that they have given Ray. It was very well received, after which a comment was made which I was not expecting…

“If you would like to sell the book from here, we can put a table up in the corner by the door, and you can have a few hours of book signings!”

Given their product range (i.e. nothing at all to do with dogs), it is so gratifying to find a business with such a “social service” outlook. At a time when most businesses seem to be totally profit focused, and will organize their staff accordingly, it is so refreshing to experience one that encourages a social component from their staff.

On behalf of Ray, I will say thank you to Lululemon for all that their staff here have done, and please keep that table ready because I may well take you up on that offer!


20 thoughts on “Book Promo time!

      • Very much so. I have a very spoilt, very disobedient and totally asocial doggie (yes, yes, I know all that is his Dad’s fault), but he has been with us since he was a puppy and he knew none of the hardships that Ray had to endure. That is the part about Ray’s story that made me want to cry and also to rejoice in the happiness he found in your family. We have been following Ray’s blog for a long time and we loved the book.

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        • Thanks so much Hester. I still get emotional at certain points in the book, even though I have read it so many times for editing purposes. It is so rewarding to know that some of my emotions are picked up by “the reader”. Again… thank you so much for your comments. 🙂


  1. Hope you don’t mind if I do the following. I’m heading out on a cruise soon along the coast of Maine. I’m planning on bringing your book along for entertainment on the plane. I figured the ship will have a library and I’ll just leave it there if they have a place to donate books that have been read. I can then buy another copy to keep for myself when I get back.

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    • Hi Maria – I never thought that the book would go on a cruise! I hope you enjoy your read on the plane but, if you are an emotional kind of person re dogs, then be prepared as there are number of moments which still “get me” …. and I wrote the thing! By the way, regardless of the fact that the hard cover generates more revenue than the other formats, it is well worth the additional cost. Have a wonderful cruise! 🙂


      • I figure the softbound book won’t stay long in the ship library. Easy to transport in someone’s suitcase. I was thinking of buying a hardbound and see what it takes to donate a book to a public library. I’ll keep you posted.

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        • Of course there is the reverse argument that if somebody likes it enough (on a cruise) to take it away with them, they might just promote it in their social circle! My suggestion for consideration is a/. Buy a paperback version. b/. donate it to the ship’s library c/. Assuming you enjoyed it, buy yourself a hard cover version d/. If you REALLY enjoyed it … promote it as best you can within your comfort level!!!! 🙂


  2. There are some cool animal friendly businesses around. Locally we have a Plow & Hearth and they allowed an employee to work with a week old kitten on her at all times. The kitten had to be fed often. I was so touched. I had always done business there but now I recommend it. Lululemon sounds like a cool place too.

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  3. That is great! If I lived closer I would visit that business 🙂 I will say I am impressed with how many shops you have talked about that let you bring Ray in and even the bank! Around here that just doesn’t happen!

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