Just Routine

I have mentioned Ray’s obsession with routines in various Posts but, given that we humans also like our routines, I am not sure why I would think that Ray would be any different. Having put the whole routine driven thing into a realistic perspective, he then goes and surprises me once again!

For the benefit of recent Followers and new visitors, and very briefly, I get up around 5:00am and go down into our basement where I work on a computer until around 8:00 am.

I am certain that he listens for sounds of me preparing to come back up stairs (he then gets his breakfast!). My “certainty” is based on the fact that I turn off two lights before leaving and immediately after I have done that, I can hear Ray as he jumps off the sofa (or sometimes my bed) and onto the floor. When I come up the stairs from the basement, he is there waiting for me.

The other morning I was awake around 4:30am and, after determining that sleep was not going to happen, I went downstairs as usual. There was a difference this time however in that, around 7:15am, I was feeling extremely sleepy and so decided to go back to bed.

I was sure that this change of timing would create a minor issue. The question I had to answer was “Do I feed him at 7:15am (which he will no doubt expect), and perhaps set a precedent, or do I make him wait until his usual time of around 8:00am?”

I turned off the lights as usual and waited for the sounds of Ray getting down from wherever he was sleeping and onto the floor. There were no sounds! I went up the stairs expecting to see him waiting for me.  He wasn’t!

I went through our living room to get to my bedroom and Ray was awake, but still very relaxed, on our sofa! I was a little puzzled, but he seemed fine so I got back into bed and was soon asleep.

I woke up around 7:45am to a cold and damp touch to my shoulder. I immediately rolled over to see what it was, and I was confronted with a big brown face and two dark brown eyes staring at me from very close range!  There was no need to ask him what he wanted as it was close to his normal breakfast time.

I was so surprised that not only are his routines important, but their timing is also a significant factor. I can only assume that although my routine changed that morning, his was not going to if he could avoid it.  From his perspective, he has his breakfast around 8:00am, and therefore ignores what I may/may not be doing prior to that. Who could not love him!

18 thoughts on “Just Routine

  1. Ha! Well done, R. Sometimes parents go berserk and try to change our mealtimes. You did the right thing keeping your dad on schedule. What would they do without us?? It would be total mayhem!

    Love and licks,


  2. Aww about how you woke up to him looking right at you! Yes, who could resist those big, brown eyes of his. Yes, dogs definitely like routine! Ours know exactly when the kids are getting home from school and they go to the door to wait on front porch.

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  3. Well, I’m one that gets up at 5:30 or 6:00. Yule gets up, does his business, and then goes back to bed. Unfortunately when he is with the pet sitter and I’m gone, the pet sitter is not able to sleep in. I’m trying to learn to sleep in, but I just can’t. I’m an early bird.

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